A Czech Fin-Tec Company in Prague Are Disrupting Trader Funding

And It Just Got A Lot Easier For FX Traders To Raise Funds!!!

Funding Your Trading

It is a long established fact that as an FX trader, once you have a profitable trading system, you will be confronted with yet more hurdles to jump over, the biggest of which is finding sufficient capital to trade and getting funded as a trader.

Nearly every trader understands how difficult it is to become and then maintain profitability. Once an edge has been developed,  most of a traders energy goes into trying to increase it. Coupled with the fact that nearly every trader - unless they work instituitionally -  is under funded, then the biggest issue for profitable traders becomes funding your trading and knowing where to find capital to trade.

What if there was a company that could sponsor you to trade and pay you out 70% of the profits ?! Such a company exists in the form of a Czech Fin Tech based in central Prague who specialize in sponsoring traders.

Want to become a professional trader and trade other people's money, but don't know where to start ?

Imagine the freedom you could achieve by trading other people's money and reaping a massive 70% take on the overall profits. it's all possible using a company based in the Czech republic in the beautiful city of Prague.

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How To Win at FX: Trade Other People's Money

The best way to make money in FX, is by trading other people's money, the profits can fund your own trading.  In order to start trading other people's money  you need to find yourself an investor, someone who believes in you and your ability to make a profit. Unfortunately,  this is quite difficult, it can take a long time to find the right person and will take up valuable trading and development time. Additionally, it is very difficult to raise money unless you have a number of years track record mostly as many as five years (industry standard).

But there is another way.

It is with great pleasure I can announce that a great Czech Fin-tech start-up company based in Prague gets my vote with regard to trader funding.

FTMO.com specialize in funding FX traders and are a young, forward thinking company, who are FX traders themsleves and facing the same funding issues, decided to create their very own company to solve the issue.

At ExactTrading,  I am very careful about the companies I deal with, because my reputation and fair dealing with people is of paramount importance to me and I treat my exacttraders like one big family, as I want them to succeed in their FX trading ventures.

Believe me, I am approached all the time by brokers and all sorts of people selling over optimised EA's and investment scams,designed to lure in the unwary, but I refuse to deal with these people.

However, FTMO.com are a serious company, that can help each and every FX trader out there, whose ambition it is to manage other people's money and get going on the road to financial success and the life as a professional money manager.

What's more they have managed to come up with a "fin-tech" idea which removes the necessity of the industry standard five years of trading slips before being able to handle other people's cash.

How Does It Work?

In order to get going you simply need to pass a  'challenge' and 'verification' test to make sure you are able to stay and trade within certain risk and profit parameters.

I am sure you understand that if you want to trade 100k of someone else's capital and the risk is with the investor then the investor needs to be sure you understand trading.

When you qualify any fee you paid to enter the challenge will be refunded !!!


Sounds Great How Do I Get Going?

Getting funding is as easy as A,B,C  You simply follow three steps, Challenge, Verification and Go-Live

  • Step 1 - Sign Up to the Challenge

    In this stage you trade in demo and prove you can handle some risk and hit profit targets during a period of 30 days.

  • Step 2 - Complete the Verification Process

    In this phase you have longer to trade and hit your targets, so the rules are a little more relaxed.

  • Step 3 - You Are Funded and Start Trading for Real

    Having passed both STEP 1 and STEP 2 successfully you are now eligible for funding. Start trading and as a trader you earn 70% of the profits.

FTMO have been kind enough to provide all Exact Traders with a 15% discount which I am passing on directly to anyone who joins up and takes a challenge.

Please click on the GET FUNDED NOW button and the discount will be applied when you check out of the of the FTMO site.


Trust me, they don't make getting funded easier than this. Sign up via Exacttrading and you will receive a 15% discount on the Challenge fees!!

Get Going Immediately, Take The Challenge Now!!

Please take a look at the additional videos if you would like extra information and do take a look at the FTMO web site to gain further information.

Not Ready For The Challenge? Need More Training ?

If you have arrived on the Exact Trading site and think the idea of getting funded is what you would like to do, but perhaps don't feel you are quite ready for it, then why not get yourself educated.

Without a proper edcuation in trading then you will be unlikely to succeed. trading can be a very lonely professional if you are not proficient and do not really have a understanding of what works and why, so why not:

  • Take the Forex Uncensored Price Action Course and perfect your trading skills first

  • Think about trading on 'auto' using one of my EA's available under 'Expert Advisors'

Please take a look around the site familiarise yourself with what it is I am doing, sign up for the course or purchaseot: an EA, perfect your trading then sign up for a challenge !!!

Need More Convincing?

Pease take a look at this review of FTMO I made at the airport in Prague, after having spent the day with them. It was getting late in the day and I had been up since 4 AM so apologies for my head being chopped off at some points - fatigue was setting in ! I posted the video nevertheless as I believe it can help people make a decision about funding.

Trust me, they don't make getting funded easier than this. Sign up via Exacttrading and you will receive a 15% discount on the Challenge fees!!

Get Going Immediately, Take The Challenge Now!!