Join the very first Algorithmic Cloud based trading arcade in the World with all the Tools and Education You Will Need Thrown In !!

Get Started Today. Training Courses are Run Every Month at Our Training Centre in the City.

Stay ahead of the Forex pack, trade algorithmically, obtain your edge, maintain it, develop more strategies, create a portfolio of ideas, hold your edge using lightening fast VPS machines and  and trade with the best true ECN broker.

In today's Forex markets you need to have an edge in all aspects of your trading, not only do you need the right trading methodology, you also need the right broker and trading infrastructure. The elephant in the room out of those three is the 'trading methodology'.

For a long time I have been telling my clients that they should only run algos as trading becomes so much easier. Most of the top banks have reduced their prop trading departments drastically since 2008 and one of the reasons is that prop trading even for professionals is a very difficult profession to master.

Trading algorithmically removes many of the typical trader banana skins, like over trading, getting even with the market, doubling down, cutting winners and letting losers get away.

Coupled with the above how many traders truly have the energy ability and time to concentrate on the markets for the length of time required in order to make things work? Not many.

I orginally started off working in the City in London and have decided that now is the time to make a partial move back to open what I believe is the very first purely algorithmic trading arcade  - an arcade which trades in the cloud and not in a crowded dealing room.

The training centre will be located in the Minories which is close to Tower Bridge.

To find out more please visit the

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